Does your car smell? Getting rid of the odour of stale tobacco smoke, wet dog, old spilled food can seem like a challenge. These smells make your car a nasty place to be and an embarrassment for you if you have to transport passengers.

Lots of people try to get rid of odours in their cars by covering them up with new smells, by hanging little dangling air fresheners from the rearview mirror. But these don't solve the problem and only add more, possibly dangerous, chemicals to the mix, risking your health.

NaturzAire all-natural mineral pouches remove odours like a magnet. But don't take our word for it. Read what some of our customers say about how NaturzAire products work in their cars on everything from sour milks smells, to stale smoke odour to chilli garlic squid oil!:

"I’m a smoker and my car constantly reeked of stale smoke. My friends and I were heading off on a road trip the next week and I knew the smell was going to be an issue. I tried a couple of products but they just added another layer to the existing smell. I put a large pouch of Auto Refresh in the car and the next day it was way better. After a couple of days there was no smell.  I was amazed."   S.S.  Burnaby, BC

"On the way home from work my wife called and asked me to pick up some take-out Chinese food. In a rush, I casually placed the food in my trunk. When I arrived home I realized that one of the containers had toppled over spilling chilli garlic squid oil all over the carpet of my trunk. I washed the carpet but it still stank, especially on hot days. I used some Auto Refresh granules and overnight the smell was completely gone!"   C.T-M Toronto, ON

"I spilled milk in my truck. Folks had told me that it was about the hardest possible smell to try to remove. As the weather started to warm up, the smell in my truck was getting downright nasty. I live in Surrey near where Effective Environmental Solutions used to be located. I stopped by their office and, being right neighbourly, they gave me some Car & Truck Fresh granules to put on the spot. It’s summer now and there’s no smell at all."   C. M.  Surrey, BC

"My company recently purchased a cargo van which was absolutely saturated with the smell of cigarette smoke. I placed a few Auto Refresh pouches inside and let them work for a few days. After about three days the smell was completely gone. I was truly impressed."   P.S.  Surrey BC

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